Radiocrafts RC232 Protocol Wireless Modules
The RC232™ Embedded RF Protocol is used in a vast range of products from Radiocrafts. These range from low cost high data-rate modules to true narrow-band solutions for long range. There a modules for all ISM frequency bands so selecting a module for deployment in a specific region of the world, or the world-wide operation is no problem.
The protocol handles host communication, data buffering, addressing and broadcasting and error check. It supports point-to-point, point-to-multi-point and peer-to-peer network topologies.

The RC232™ embedded RF protocol and command interface is the most easy-to-use protocol for bidirectional wireless transmission of data packets from a transmitter to a receiver.

Data entered on one side of the link is received transparently, byte by byte at the other side.

Each module in a network has a SYSTEM_ID (one byte) and its own UNIQUE_ID, UID (one byte) defined by the host processor. These are programmed into each module using the configuration interface and can be stored into flash memory for permanency.

Each module also has a default destination address, the DESTINATION_ID. This address will be added to the data packet if addressing mode is enabled. The use of addressing can be enabled with ADDRESS_MODE in the configuration memory, again with flash memory storage.

RC232 Protocol Features:

  • Complete MAC layer packet protocol
  • Transparent and buffered modes
  • Individual node addressing
  • Message 'broadcasting'
  • Error checking
  • 128 byte data buffer
  • Power saving schemes
  • Packet Receive Signal Strength Indication
  • Easy-to-use UART interface
  • RS232/422/485/USB compatible via external level shifter
  • Optional UART hardware handshake
  • Point-to-point, Point-to-multi-point & Peer-to-peer

For peer-to-peer networks where the Destination-ID and other parameters (Channel Number, Transmit Power) change frequently, parameters can be stored RAM, saving constant writes to FLASH memory. For other applications such as point-to-point (cable replacement) type solutions, storing parameters into FLASH memory can reduce or eliminate processor overhead.


RC232 Modules Availability


Art. noDemo Kit*Frequency Notes

High speed

 433 MHz, CE

2.4- 230.4 kBd

RF: 1.2-100 kbps
868 MHz, CE
868 MHz, CE
 915 MHz, FCC

(25 kHz and 12.5 kHz)
Long range

418/419 MHz

0.6 - 19.2 KBd

RF: 4.8 kbps

(RC1230 and RC1250:
2.4 kbps)

Size 19.5 x 60.5 x 6.0 mm
426/429 MHz
433 MHz, CE
RC1244 RC1244DK-RC232 429/433/439
444 MHz, CE
424/447 MHz
868 MHz, CE
 RC1280HP   RC1280HPDK-RC232 
915 MHz, FCC

World-wide frequency band, low and high power

RC2500DK-RC232 2.4 GHz,
UART: 2.4 - 230.4 kBd

RF: 1.2 kbps long range,
100 kbps high speed

RC232 Modules and Development supportModules_x_2.jpg

Datasheets - click on above part number for download


RC232 Development Kits

Development kits with USB interface and access to all device I/Os (including UART interface) are available for all modules - please contact ACTE.