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Industrial Wireless Solutions
connectBlue provide a range of Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low-Energy, Wireless-LAN and combination products for industrial applications. Products are produced in both Ready-to-use and for embedded design formats.

Using connectBlue in your application is easier and quicker than you may think, and you know it will work! Working with connectBlue isn't just about buying a module, from one expert to another. It's about combining forces to find a that will be supported for long machine-life cycles with future-proof designs.

ACTE and connectBlue support your industrial wireless future with solutions based on proven state-of-the-art wireless technology, that can transfer up to 50% more throughput than any competitor. Functional and reliable.
This is connectBlue!


Manufacturer web site:


 Product Selector Guide


The Product Selector Guide contains a detailed overview of the wireless technologies, and all embedded design & ready-to-go products available and connectBlue. Click on the image to download

Further product and support information:

Ready to Use Products


Ready to configure and install wireless networking for industrial applications

Embedded Wireless Modules


Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy, Wireless LAN & combination modules for embedded designs